Halfway Point: Q2 Results

Halfway through the year already! OK, so this is pretty late this month. My plans of writing a bucket load of content whilst I was on annual leave from the day job didn’t exactly come to fruition.

I’d hit a wall and I needed a rest. Now my week away is over it’s back to start getting into the groove again.

Juggling this blog and my other side hustles isn’t always easy, but I have a real passion for achieving my goals and as long as I get the occasional break from it I’m happy with that.

So I’m halfway through the £5,000 Saving Challenge. But, how did I get on this month with savings and online revenue?


Blog earnings breakdown

Sponsored Posts £160

Affiliates £40

Adsense £10

Total Earnings £210

OK, so not my best month at all. But, as some of the more experienced bloggers I talk to warned me, page views tend to dip in the summer months and I was no exception.

It means it has had an impact on my earnings. However, this is just the next lesson on my learning curve and I now know I have to maximise my earning potential from traffic in the not so cheery months in the future.

With most of my page views coming from the UK, I’ll have as much opportunity as the next guy to get my content seen as anyone later on in the year on that basis!

Other online earnings

Virtual Assistant £0

Freelance writing £0

Matched betting £150

Total online earnings £360

Add the matched betting earnings in there and it doesn’t look so bad afterall. £360 is £50 more than my previous online earnings best. Go and take a look at Profit Accumulator and see how easy it is to earn money for yourself 

I didn’t reach out to anyone for freelance work this month as I just wanted, no needed, a break. I’ll be following up on a few inquiries I’ve had over the last couple of days. If they fit into the theme of the blog I’ll be all over it.

My VA gig is an interesting one, and something you may want to consider when pitching for a job. Rather than take a fee for my services I have decided to work on a commission basis. As a former salesman / sales manager, it isn’t something I find scary.

As a fairly new VA, the commission structure is far more lucrative compared to what I could currently command in fees.

The deal suits us both right now and I am happy to be patient and wait for it to come in as it is only getting saved away anyway.

Savings update

Having enjoyed a week off and the copious amounts of birthdays I have in July, for the first time since I started my £5,000 saving challenge I didn’t manage to put the minimum £400 away.

I did still ensure i put £200 away to bring my savings total to £3,150, meaning at the halfway stage of the challenge, I am well over half way.

The months leading up to October will see become a super Scrooge again to make sure that I not only hit this target, but smash it!


I now contribute 10% of my wages towards my pension scheme. I still plan to get this up to at least 15% over the next few months, but I’ve just come into some uncertain times so we’ll have to see on that one.

Yakezie Challenge

I joined the Yakezie Challenge to help me stick to the plan of connecting more with the financial blogging community.

The idea is to selflessly read, comment and promote other peoples content, with the end game of improving your Alexa Ranking to make the top 200,000 websites on the web today.  

You can read more about the Yakezie Challenge here.


My Alexa Rankings are currently as follows:

  • Global Ranking 1,782,005 (up 19,136,242!)
  • UK Ranking 57,905
  • US Ranking 1,002,236

I really have nothing to complain about when you have risen over 19m places in three months! My UK Ranking is slightly down due to less traffic.

I have climbed 96 places on the Modest Money Top Financial bloggers list, mainly due to me tidying up some of my older blogs to improve them for SEO.

Looking forward

Unfortunately we are in uncertain times at my day job, with it looking increasingly likely that a fair few redundancies may be forced upon the company.

I’m not sure how it will impact on me just yet, however there can be no better motivation to up my game, hustle harder and increase my online earnings as quickly as possible.

I have genuinely loved working here and I cannot imagine myself working for anyone else now. If the worse does come to the worse I want to be in a position to go self completely self employed.

It is something I have done before, albeit with a different skill, but this is my passion, this is what I want to do. And, if I’m not to be affected I can get to continue in the most enjoyable job I’ve ever had.

Life’s too short to not look on the bright-side.


What are you goals this month?  

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11 thoughts on “Halfway Point: Q2 Results

    1. A company who can help build your credit rating. I do work for their blog too. I took a couple of unpaid ones too this month for link backs to the blog. Sometimes it is worth doing it to increase your ranking etc.

        1. Thanks Francesca. I need to hustle harder now, I think I might be made redundant from my day job soon. Scary times!

  1. Congrats on earning quite a decent amount from your blog, nice job!

    You’re doing really well, you’ve risen a lot in 3 months, wow. What kind of things did you change on your older posts?


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. The last three months is where it really started to take off, I linked up with a couple of great companies and it’s just sort of went from there. I keep my eye out for any interesting looking products and then pitch the company about blogging about them or for them. Until i started doing this I never realised how many companies are interested in working with bloggers!

    1. Thanks Pia. Yeah I had definitely hit a brick wall and needed a week away from it all. There is so much to do on a blog, you need that time away every now and again!

  2. Fab post David, and well done on climbing up the rankings. I may join the challenges myself, although I’m more lifestyle blogging. Can I ask when you pitch to companies about a blog post was it through an affiliate programme site or direct? Sorry to hear your day job is unstable, try to stay positive. Thanks again for a fab post 🙂

    1. Hey Aoife, I originally started to pitch a few companies who I thought would fit into the theme of the blog if I reviewed them. In all honesty at first i did a few freebies to get the practice and also for the link back. Once you have been going for a few months other companies tend to take notice and will approach you. I do use Affiliate Window and Trade Doubler too. Best of luck with your blog, keep at it. It all falls into place eventually and you will literally learn something new everyday, just like I’m still doing 9 months in!

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