Why I’m Bringing Halloween Back To The Nineties

As a kid I used to love Halloween.

My mum was absolutely kick ass at making decorations and costumes and she saw it as a way of getting us all sat down spending time with each other – no mean feat when you have two brothers who have hated each other since birth!

How times change.

Fast forward to adulthood and the very mention of doing anything Halloween related is generally met with a swift Foxtrot Oscar.

I can’t speak for everyone, but today it seems like an excuse to blow £80 on a costume I’ll wear once just to go out and get drunk.

Regular readers of this blog know I don’t need any more excuses to go out and party.

So yeah, recently I’ve given it a miss. I don’t have, or want any kids so I figured it just isn’t for me anymore.

Things are changing this year.

I’m not going out in an overpriced costume, in fact I’m not going out at all.

I’ll be taking it back to the old school, literally spending pennies along the way.

Each to their own and all that, but dancing around, sweating my ghoulish makeup off trashed is not what I consider to be a fun Halloween.

Throughout my childhood all I ever wanted at Halloween was to feel frightened, not drunk.

So, that is what we shall do.



As I have absolutely no intention of going out, I won’t be bothering with a costume.

If I was going to some sort of Halloween party I’d ask someone for a spare or blag my mum to dust off the sewing machine.

Have you actually seen the cost of those things?


Paying £80 on a thinner than thin piece of material to wear once is not, and will never be, happening in this house!

If you’re going out this year and already have a costume from previous years, swap with a friend rather than fork out for a new one.

That way you both get a new costume to wear and it’s cost you nothing.

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I’ll be carving pumpkins for the first time in two decades.

Rather than sticking to traditional scary ghost type faces, I’ll be going for real life people who scare the shizzle out of me – Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Katy Hopkins etc. etc.

I’m also going to attempt to scare the bejaysus out of PK with some horrendous ghost stories (sitting up all night with insomnia has finally paid off!)

I won’t be just limiting myself to stories either, I have many scary moments planned for him – muahahaha, muahahaha, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And of course, what Halloween is complete without some spine tingling scary movies?

I’m going to pick out some horrific horror movies, we shall sit in the dark and scare ourselves half to death – isn’t this what it is supposed to be about?

First stop The Shining!

Final word

I guesstimate my entire Halloween will cost me no more than £10 max.

As mentioned above, I have no children and understand that £10 doesn’t stretch very far with them in tow.

Bearing that in mind I asked the UK Money Bloggers for some help with frugal Halloween activities you can do with the kids.

You can check them out on the links below.

Just remember, it’s about having fun, not about how much money you can spend!

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What plans have you made for Halloween?

Thinking Thrifty

Thinking Thrifty

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10 thoughts on “Why I’m Bringing Halloween Back To The Nineties

    1. It’s great when you’re a kid I used to love it. I’m actually looking forward to it for the first time in twenty years!

    1. Happy Halloween! Good old Walmart, or ASDA as we call it here. I do believe Aldi have some cost effective stuff for the big day too if you’ve got one in your town. I’d go in a refuge sack before I spent £50 on a costume!

    1. Kids are happiest when they get to make their costume themselves. I say let them keep that magic for as long a possible, they’re a long time grown up!

  1. Your post made me laugh – sounds like you are going to have a great night! I have kids and the only thing I bought for halloween were pumpkins from a PYO farm -although I really bought them to make soup. My kids have costumes from charity shops that still fit them from last year! We are going to be trick or treating, but that doesn’t cost anything!

    1. Love this! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have fun at Halloween. I’d have been happy with a bin bag and a set of vampire teeth when I was little!

  2. I saw the name of your post and immediately had to read it ~ child of the 90’s here! I’m with you, costume prices are insane! I’m not going to lie, when I was a single lady I would drop a lot of pennies for some scandalous outfit. But these days, no thanks! For one, it’s way too cold outside.

    I don’t have kids either (yet) but I bet I will do like my mom did as well – dust off the old sewing machine and recycle or get creative!

    1. High five fellow 90s kid! Yeah, it’s so much more fun for kids to sit down and help make their own, instead of getting dragged to a shop to buy one – where’s the fun in that?

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