The HMRC Scam Text You Should Be Aware Of

At the moment it is just one scam after another, and this week is no different as the HMRC scam text does the rounds in full force.

If you haven’t had the ‘lucky’ text yet informing you of a tax rebate windfall, I’ll give you the gist.

What is the HMRC scam text?

You’ll  receive a text from either HM GovUK of GovUK.

Unsurprisingly, neither will have been sent by Her Maj’s revenue and customs.

The text will inform you of a P60 refund owed to you, the two I’ve had in the last week claim I am owed £972.39 and £265.84 respectively.

What is it looking for?

Within the text there is a link that you’re prompted to click in order to receive the refund.

The link will take you through to a fake website designed to look like an official HMRC page.

It asks for personal information such as your bank or credit card details.

Once the fraudsters have this information they have gained access to your accounts.

As it stands, HMRC has shut down over 14,000 of these fake websites so far, giving you some indication of how big this scam is, and how may fraudsters are attempting to use it.

Other HMRC scams to be aware of

The cheeky bleeders aren’t just contacting people by text, they’re also using emails too.

If you receive a phishing email claiming to be from HRMRC or the council promising tax rebates, ignore them!

Another common tactic is to call up unsuspecting people pretending to be from the council.

They claim you’re in the wrong council tax bracket and are due a tax rebate.

To receive the rebate, they’ll ask you to pay an administration fee.

It’s a complete pile of nonsense, so don’t be fooled.

How to easily spot a tax scam

These despicable tricksters are using the guise of a tax rebate to lure in their victims, so look out for these things to help you if faced with a text, email or call from HMRC.

HMRC will never use texts or emails to:

  • Inform you of a tax rebate or a penalty, or
  • ask for personal information.

You may occasionally receive a text or email from HMRC for a number of reasons.

However, most of the communication you receive from them will be a reminder for things like renewing your tax credits, or letting you know your VAT return is due.

Under no circumstances will HMRC ever attach a document or insert a link into any text message or email they send you.

You will also never receive a call to discuss a council tax rebate either, so if you receive such a call just hang up the phone.

Have you received a HMRC scam text or email?

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There is a new HMRC scam text doing the rounds looking for access to your bank details

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