Holy Shizzle Sticks Batman, I’m Self Employed!

I sit writing this today on my fist day as a self employed person.

Yep, last week I left my job of four years, amicably with best wishes on on both sides.

I was in the fortunate position of being able to get up in the morning every day for four years and enjoying it.

I made friends worth moving miles for and had a happy work life on the whole.

There are no bad words from me to say about working there, however, I can’t hide my excitement at what lies ahead.

Self employment has been the goal for a while, albeit, it’s arrived much quicker than I had planned or anticipated.

But, having spent many a night lay awake dreaming about what could be, I’m more prepared than most in this situation.

I actually finished work last week but sensibly took the rest of the week off to gather my thoughts and make a proper plan of action – plus I needed a break from all things digital I’m not going to lie!

Thankfully I’m a blogger who reads a lot of other financially motivated blogs, whether it be the money savers, online money makers or investors, I read them and I don’t have too far to look to find a world of information on how this is done.

Employment was holding me back

When I say this I mean it with the utmost respect, I’ll explain.

Anybody who truly wants to succeed at being self employed can’t throw all their eggs into one basket  and needs to create many different income streams to guarantee survival.

Sat at a desk all day prevented me from delving into all the options available to me.

Ironically, I can do more without my old job, although it provided me with a respectable consistent income, I honestly feel I can do more on my own with the time to pursue different sources of income.

The key is now to get as many in place as quickly as possible so my cashflow isn’t eaten away in no time.

The chronicles of the newly self employed

I’m going to be keeping a video diary of everything I’m doing to keep a detailed log of the journey.

Hopefully it’ll unearth some tricks and tips for you to try yourself from the comfort of your own home, you’ll have the benefit of my trial and error and, most importantly, an honest review on everything I’m doing!

Final word

So there it is, the launch of my new life from today.

I’m sure life as a self employed man isn’t going to be without it’s worry, but the undeniable fact is it’s bloody exciting all the same!

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I've taken the plunge 12 months earlier than planned, today I start the journey as a self employed blogger doing things my own way!

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