July: Online Earnings Round Up

July already! Where has this year gone so far? It really does seem to be flying by.

July was a busy month for me with only enough time for a bit of freelance work.

Amazingly, after taking a full week off from writing or any form of promotion on the blog, I still finished the month with my second best ever page views.

Totally unexpected in the summer months, but maybe the British weather has worked in my favour!

This following month I am seriously going to have to up my game in terms of extra income from side hustles.

The threat of redundancy looms over our head at work at the moment, so it’s never been more important to make and save as much money as possible.

It would really annoy me if I did have to start breaking into my savings. but at least they’re there in an emergency.

This time last year I wouldn’t even have a days wages saved, thankfully I gave my mindset a complete overhaul this year.

We’re now seven months into my online journey and savings challenge, so what did July have in store for me?


Blog earnings breakdown

Sponsored Posts £0

Affiliates £110

Adsense £0 (I have removed it from the blog)

Total Earnings £110 (-£100)

I didn’t take on any sponsored posts this month. I concentrated on upping my freelance work instead.

With that and the several home improvements I’ve been trying to fit around a full time job  I just didn’t have the time or energy for anymore work.

Obviously it has impacted the blog earnings quite significantly so I’ll be looking to up my game in August.

Other online earnings

Virtual Assistant £100

Freelance writing £150

Matched Betting £0

Total  July online earnings £360 

As you can see I made up for the lack in sponsored posts with freelance work.

I also had my fist two payments confirmed from my VA gig, which is great as I’m only paid on a commission basis and wasn’t expecting to invoice them for anything in the first month or so.

I really let myself down with the matched betting this month, I was so tired and just couldn’t find the time around everything else.

I have made myself a new timetable which is already starting to have a great affect in keeping me organised. Matched betting really could be my main source of income soon if the worse comes to the worse at work.

It’s vital I up my game significantly if I want to give myself a nice chunk of safety money to rely on whilst I seek new income opportunities.

You can start to make in access of £2,000 a month by matched betting by signing up for Profit Accumulator. Start your free trial today!

Savings update

I have got back on track with my savings and now have another £500 to add to the pot, taking my mortgage deposit fund to £3,650.

As mentioned earlier i am trying to do everything in my power not to have to use this money to live off.

Which is why it is so important to increase my side hustle incomes.


My Alex ranking have continued to rise steadily over the month. Although, for some reason i no longer have a ranking in the US. However, my other rankings are as follows:

  • Global Ranking 819,304 (up 962,701 places)
  • UK Ranking 27,439 (up 30,466)

Final word

All in all it’s still been a good month, financially i have earned exactly the same as last month, albeit through different avenues.

I’m not going to lie, it’s worrying times at the moment at Thrifty Towers with the job uncertainty.

However, there is no bigger motivation to get my arse in gear!


What goals have you achieved so far this year?

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