Fighting The Flab With Kettlebell Workouts

If you aren’t already aware, I quit smoking recently and have gained some rather unwanted luggage in the moob and belly area, dieting just isn’t cutting it this time so after much YouTube research I’ve decided to give kettlebell workouts a go.

You wouldn’t think it now to look at me, but there was a time when I was ripped with barely an ounce of fat on me, although at the time I couldn’t see it and still insisted to anyone that would listen that I was a whale – oh that bullshit, twenty something lack of self confidence.

When I achieved these crazy heights of my physical powers, I did it all in the comfort of my own home after I’d purchased a weight bench.

This time around I simply do not have the room for one, so kettlebell workouts seem like the next best viable option.

Plus I’m not keen on the idea of forking out a fortune if it just ends up sitting around collecting dust – that’s what I have PK for.

I hate the gym

I honestly cannot stand the places, the grunting and the posing in the never ending sea of mirrors makes me want to vomit.

Angry muscly dudes giving you the evil eye as you approach the piece of apparatus they plan on using in three pieces of apparatus time – dicks!

I feel incredibly uncomfortable and generally work myself up into a nervous panic.

It’ll never work for me, the gym is most definitely out, and the kettlebell workouts are in – especially at a one off £12.99!

I’m sick to death of diets and weigh ins

I’ve tried so many fad diets over the years, they suck every bit of enjoyment out of life and I simply refuse to put myself through another one.

Slimming World most certainly worked for me last year, I dropped a couple of stone in no time, but I just cannot deal with scales right now.

That crushing blow when they’ve gone the wrong way is too much for me to be bothered with at the moment, life is busy and I don’t have the time to be worrying about how much I’ve lost, or gained on any given week.

This time I want to adjust my mindset when it comes to fighting the flab.

I’m not interested in what I weigh, I’ll just settle for not appearing like I ate a family of five on the way to the cream cake section in Asda for now.

Events, bloody loads of public events

It’s SHOMO Awards time in money blogger land and I’m in the final for three – HURRAH!

As excited as I am, it does mean being around a lot of people whilst not feeling at my most comfortable.

I’d quite like to trim off at least one of my chins and reduce moobage significantly before the big day.

Plus, not only that, it’s Blog On the following day, with my birthday hot the on their heals two days after.

The time has come to be proactive where the unwanted chub is concerned.

I won’t bore you with daily updates like the gym tagging crew on Facebook, but let’s reconvene in a couple of weeks time to see where I’ve got!

Have you ever attempted kettlebell workouts?

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If you aren't already aware, I quit smoking recently and have gained some rather unwanted luggage, so I've decided to give kettlebell workouts a go.

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14 thoughts on “Fighting The Flab With Kettlebell Workouts

  1. Totally with you on gyms – designed to make you feel inadequate. I always come out needing sugar and caffeine to fix my emotional state! Good luck, hope the weights work for you.

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