I Know What You Did Last Summer

Last summer is gone, finito, smell you later.

To be honest, for my fellow Mancunians and I it’s been over since June – they don’t call it the rainy city for nothing.

But, when the sun did manage to stretch its neck and pop its head over the the wall of clouds, it brought the usual temptations.

I’m going to see if I can guess what you did last summer that stretched your finances further than you planned for, back when you were swearing to every known Godly being that this year was going t be different.

First and foremost, this is not a blog to encourage you to beat yourself up over it, life is life and these things happen.

I know what you did last summer


You were sat minding your own business enjoying a bit of sun in the comfort and privacy of your own back garden, when all of a sudden the dreaded Whatsapp message came through, ‘fancy a drink in the beer garden?’

Except it wasn’t one drink was it?

You didn’t leave until the sun had long gone to bed and you were forcibly removed by the local pub landlord / landlady who, red in the face with rage, had to quote the drinking hours law of the land in order to get you to go home.

You spent a fortune in the pub that you hadn’t planned for last summer – or maybe  that was just me ha!

Holiday blips

You set yourself a strict budget for holiday spending and very wisely saved an emergency contingency fund just to be on the safe side.

However, you got carried away having such a great time you blew the holiday budget and the emergency contingency fund was spent on making sure you could eat for the rest of your trip.

You created your own self inflicted holiday emergency last summer.

You put your sanity first

You solemnly swore to yourself and all that is holy that this kids summer holiday was going to be different, there would be no giving into them just for the sake of a bit of piece and quiet.

But after hours and hours of being held hostage by the little angels and their continuous moaning you broke and gave into their demands.

“There’s choc-ices in the freezer” didn’t cut it last summer.

Wardrobe mishaps

You just knew you were going to look super hot in that new top, and you were right, you did, but it cost twice as much as you wanted to spend.

The thought of wearing the many things you already had in your wardrobe was too much to handle and you wanted to look fresh when out and about.

Primiarni most certainly went out of the window last summer.

Summer is a financial killer

So how many faux pas on the list were you guilty of?

How many isn’t important, how you deal with it is the most crucial thing.

Be honest, contemplate, adjust and adapt.

Get yourself back on the wagon, look for great ways to make money and save money, summer is over and after all let’s face it, Christmas is just around the corner – oh no he didn’t!

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Last summer is gone, finito, smell you later. But what sort of damage did it do to your finances? I know what you did last summer!

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10 thoughts on “I Know What You Did Last Summer

  1. I find i spend more in the winter, although we go out more in the summer a lot of the time its free because we do go to lots of country parks. x

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