Make room for Christmas: 5 killer hacks to raise money from your own home

Christmas generally brings a whole house full of new items to find room for. Rather than stress about where you are going to put it all, make room by selling your unwanted and unneeded items. Remember one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure so dig deep and flog anything that is lying around collecting dust.

Sell old mobiles

I used to be guilty of storing my old mobiles away in a draw ‘just in case’ I ever wanted to go back to them for the pictures I had stored on them. Nowadays with the amount of social media platforms to upload pictures to such as Facebook and Instagram any picture you like is stored on your online photo album anyway. Keep one as a spare in case of an emergency and sell the rest.  old mobiles

You can sell them through websites such as or and depending on the make and model you could be sat on a few quid as Smartphones hold their value quite well.

Sell your CDs, DVDs & old computer games

During our recent move I was accused of being a hoarder by my better half. RUBBISH! I thought, until I started to trawl through my CD, DVD and old computer games collection. I had literally 1,000’s of them combined. Needless to say they are all boxed up and ready to sell in the New Year!

You can sell them on sites such as and you could be surprised how much money you’ll make.

Sell old toys and baby items

Baby clothes
If your babies have grown up to be school kids and you don’t plan on having any more, clear some space by selling off any unwanted toys and clothes. Items such as these are still high in demand on sites such as eBay for new parents looking to cut costs.

Clear out your wardrobe

Perfect to make room for new clothes and make you a bit of money. Start by separating into two piles. Any recognisable brands go on your eBay pile, anything dated, gone out of fashion and not coming back or that simply doesn’t fit any more put into a charity shop pile.

A nice dress could be worth £10-£20 so you’re not going to make a fortune, but it is still money better off in your pocket.

Clear out anything elseCar_boot_sale

Where eBay is concerned once you pop you just can’t stop! Search garages, sheds and cupboards for any junk taking up space and get it sold!



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