I Have Found The Solution To Your Man With A Van Woes

Over the years I’ve moved house a LOT, the curse of the humble tenant.

Whether it has been landlords selling up from underneath me (twice, yes twice), having to move for work purposes, or I’ve just seen my arse with substandard living conditions, it’s culminated in PK and I moving as a couple seven times in the last seven years.

It’s stressful enough, but then comes the obligatory ball ache in finding a man with a van.

Finding the man is hard enough, but finding a man with a van the correct size, is a bloody nightmare.

In the past I’ve scoured Facebook buy, sell and swap sites, Gumtree and even eBay, but nothing has ever come of it .

More often than not I’ve not even had a response!

However, had I knew about Shiply my stress levels could have been somewhat relieved.

How does Shiply work?

I’m a bit of a panicky pants when it comes to ordering anything online.

I’v been using eBay and Amazon for years and my arse still twitches as I press pay and allow the money to leave my bank, so seeing the shear simplicity of Shiply was a welcomed experience.

You request a quote from over 100,000  rated transport providers, compare their prices and previous customer feed back so you can choose the right delivery quote based on your needs and budget.

After that you can just sit back and chill ya beans whilst your item(s) is delivered to it’s destination.


If, like me, you’re a tightwad who insists on calling every conceivable man with a van within a 100 mile radius in pursuit of the cheapest quote, only to find the first one was indeed the cheapest and is no longer available on your moving day, this will be a welcomed surprise.

Use Shiply with eBay

So, who’s ever found the perfect piece of furniture on eBay, only to weigh up the delivery costs making it over the odds and out of your budget? – Raises hand!

The beauty of Shiply is you can link it to an eBay order.

You simply enter your eBay item number and follow the easy instructions from there.

Better still, people will quite you for the job meaning you can pick the cheapest one!

Have you ever used a service like Shiply?

***This post was written in collaboration with Shiply. All thoughts and opinions are my own***

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