Manchester To London On A Budget: The SHOMOS Are Coming

Award season is upon us in money blogging land so the trip from Manchester to London is on the cards as Thinking Thrifty, fresh from picking up the best new new blog award last year, has made the final for three categories – Best Personal Finance Blog, Best Money Making Blog & Best Money Saving Blog.

Last year when travelling to the UK Money Bloggers SHOMO awards I had to get up at some ungodly hour, around fifteen minutes after I’d managed to drop off – if ever there was a definition of insomniac, I am it.

To make it on time I had to get a train at 6am (ish) from Manchester Piccadilly, and as there are no trams running before dawn’s crack it was a taxi job into town (the city centre for those outside our glorious borders).

Factor in tube costs and the tram fare back from town later on that evening and the whole round trip had cost in excess of £130.

Unfortunately I was a bit of an arse and left it all until the last minute, an affliction I have suffered with immensely over the years.

This year I decided I needed to pull my finger out and find a way to make this as cheap as possible, plus it’s good to for you guys to know just how cheap a trip to the Big Smoke can actually be with a bit of creative, forward thinking.

Manchester to London the budget way

Manchester to London by coach instead of the train

Last year the train cost me £87 alone – the robbing bar-stewards!

This time around I’m going there self-employed and when it comes to spending money at the moment I’m tighter than a hippo in a pair of leggings.

I’m setting off the day before on the Friday and I’ll be taking a coach for a paltry £6 – an £81 saving? Yes please mate!!    

Staying over using airbnb

B & B prices in London are beyond the joke for a tight-fisted northerner, especially when I could be sat on a beach for less.

Absolutely no chance!

A quick search on airbnb showed just how much cheaper I could do it, £20 per night upwards.

I don’t need anything on a grand scale so I’ve bagged a small room in a ladies house with rave reviews – it’s cost a mere £24!  

Tube costs around London are probably going to come in at around £20 for the whole weekend too I would imagine.

Train back in time for tram

Travelling back one way is much cheaper it appears, I’m not sure how they justify that but I’m sure they have wonderful reason, however, to get back from London to God’s city it’s a train fare of £27.50 followed by a tram fare back home of around £5.

37% saving and a day out in London to boot  

No early morning madness and a panicked dart for taxis and trains before the birds have even bothered to get up, 37% cheaper on the cost of last year’s trip, and a full day out to enjoy a few sights in London – not bad eh?

Last year I felt so rushed, this time around I’m taking my time and I’ll go check out plenty of free stuff in London to keep me entertained until the big day.

Wish me luck!

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If you use your head, you can get from Manchester to London for next to nothing!

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David Naylor is the editor of the Thinking Thrifty blog. An award winning personal finance and lifestyle blogger, he shows how it is possible to live extremely well for less.
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6 thoughts on “Manchester To London On A Budget: The SHOMOS Are Coming

  1. Oh yay, you’re there the Friday too – this will be fun. Looking forward to seeing you for the weekend. Great savings too – nothing better than booking in advance.

  2. Love alone of your frugal tips. I like to plan things out when we travel to make sure we aren’t spending an arm and a leg. How did the awards go?

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