Why I’m Packing My Shizzle And Moving

Yes, believe it or not, I’m doing my least favourite pastime and moving bloody apartments again.

However, as stressful as it is, this time I couldn’t be happier about it.

Regular readers of the blog will know I moved last year after my landlord sold up from underneath me.

It was exactly what i needed to spur me into action, sort out my finances and start saving for a mortgage deposit.

I even moved into a hovel to free up even more money for me to save.

It worked.

I managed to save quite a bit of money away over this last year, but it’s come at a price.

My sanity!!


Money can’t buy happiness

A saying that used to annoy the crap out of me every time I heard it.

How could it not buy happiness?

But, now I realise just how true it is.

Yes I have saved mega money this year, my bills were all included with the rent and that was already £100 cheaper than the previous apartment.

However, when you have A-hole neighbours making an absolute unholy racket either side of you, it’s time to go.

PK works shifts (days and nights), I’m an insomniac who barely gets three hours sleep a night as it is.

So when you have someone banging on your wall all night just for the craic, coupled with a dog which howls the bloody house down the minute its owner leaves, for the sake of my sanity and their well-being we’re off.


Side hustles have made moving possible

Over the course of the last year I have managed to make good money outside of my nine to five.

A mixture of blog income, freelance writing, social media management and matched betting have seen my income increase significantly.

Basically, I can still save enough with all the extra added bills I am now going to have to cough up for.

Not only that, I intend to at least double my side hustle income over the next twelve months.

Doors have opened up for me since starting the blog eleven months ago and I’m confident I can save much more whilst paying out more.

Massive relief

I’m not going to lie, the last twelve months in that apartment have been a nightmare I’d rather forget, although it was the start on my journey towards financial freedom so I’m sure one day the scars will have healed.

Right now I have my beautiful new apartment to look forward to complete with my very own Master Chef kitchen – woooooooooooohooooooooo!

Things are looking up just in time for Christmas!


Thinking Thrifty

Thinking Thrifty

David Naylor is the editor of the Thinking Thrifty blog. After a striking realisation about the direction his life was heading he set himself a 15 year plan to achieve total financial freedom. Join the journey!
Thinking Thrifty
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    1. You’ve got to look after your mental health too. Looking forward to moving to moving Thrifty Towers HQ permanently tomorrow!

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