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To say I was sceptical about Muscle Foods at first is an understatement. If you haven’t already seen them all over your Facebook newsfeed and on banners on websites throughout the UK, Muscle Foods is an online retailer selling extra lean meats and protein for knockdown prices.

As the saying goes ‘if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is’ – Not in this case I can assure you.

Let me start by saying that I bought my order and was not gifted anything to try from Muscle Foods themselves. – Feel free to though guys if you’re reading this, but if not I shall definitely be ordering again!

Muscle Foods offers

They have a range of food hampers available. I chose the ‘Grass fed Feb’ option and I have been over the moon with the results so far.

The meat is of extremely high quality, super lean and tasty, but most important of all, for me anyway, was the price.

It is almost a give away for the £55 I paid. The hamper I bought has seen me through an entire month, granted I did have leftovers in the fridge to use up, but even so it certainly stretched further than I expected.

The steaks (OH MY GOSH THE STEAKS!) were just incredible. There was barely an ounce of fat on them and next to nothing came off them on my George Forman.

The chicken fillets were succulent and not pumped full of water like the cheaper packs you get from the supermarket, Asda Smart Price chicken in particular I found to be void of all flavour.  

I had never tried low fat pork sausages before as just assumed they would be tasteless, nope, wrong again they were lovely.

Nothing, however, will ever convince me that bacon medallions are as good as bacon rashers – I love the fat on fat but as I have gained half a stone since quitting smoking I have to cut back on it so they came in handy nevertheless.

This month I plan to add a few packs of turkey mince to my order and I’m going to take the plunge and give chicken sausages a try out too.


• MuscleFoods is tried and trusted by professional athletes including 4 time Mr Universe Gary Lister
• Suppliers to top British Restaurants, without added water or salt delivered direct to your door
• Meat is never frozen, always fresh and classically butchered on day of dispatch
• Freedom Food RSPCA Monitored lean Veal with British Quality Mark
• Exclusive range of products which come with endorsements from several British Olympians


Muscle Foods is fast becoming one of Britain’s biggest online retailer for lean meats and protein supplements. There may be affiliate links within this blog.
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4 thoughts on “Muscle Foods Review

  1. The chicken sausages are to die for. I was a little worried about trying them, thought they would be a bit weird but honestly they are quite literally the best sausages I have ever tasted. I will definitely order from muscle food again, just as soon as there is enough space in my freezer!

    1. Hi Kirsty thanks for the advice. I have got some on the way in my next order. I was blown away with the quality as have several friends that I have referred. Any recipe ideas for those chicken sausages?

      1. I just had them on rolls. They were that good they didn’t need anything with them.

        Everything i have had from muscle food has been great but honestly the chicken sausages are my favorite

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