Is Your New Ten Pound Note Worth A Lot Of Money?

The new ten pound note went into circulation today, hooray!

In this article you can expect to find who’s on it, where to get one from, and most importantly, is your new ten pound note worth a lot of money.

Who is on the new £10 note?

The new £10 note features legendary British author Jane Austen.

Austen is known for her classic novels such as Emma, Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice.

How do I get a new £10 note?

The new ten pound note went into circulation today (14th September 2017), however if last year’s new fiver release is anything to go by it could be a while before you see one.

Your best bet to find the new £10 note is in high street banks and Post Offices at first, the local shop is unlikely to have them just yet.

Which serial numbers are special on the new £10 note?

As with the new fiver last year, some serial numbers will be worth considerably more than their face value.

Last year there were crazy prices flying about, but there’s an added twist with this years new ten pound note.

£10 notes starting AA will be sought after again, especially those starting AAO1, AK47 and 007 for the James Bond fans like me!

However this year there’s a few more to be looking out for, JA01, JA75 for Jane Austen’s birth year, and JA17 for the year of Jane Austen’s death.

Although the JA ones will be worth money in the future, you can expect a bit of a wait before you see them, as printing starts from AA and there are 999,000 (000,001 – 999,000) so don’t be expecting to come across a JA note any time soon.

How much money are the special £10 notes worth?

The minute they go on eBay and the like there will be silly money being thrown about.

The highest prices will be when they are first released and will probably fizzle out over the year.

Last year the lowest £5 note available to the public, AA01000017, sold for a whopping £4,105, whilst looking around now you can expect no more than £2 profit.

The new ten pound note went into circulation today, hooray!
Photo credit – Be Clever With Your Cash

What should I do with my old £10 note

They will be removed from circulation within the next 4 months, and you’ll be able to use it until Spring 2018.

If you want to exchange an old one for a new ten pound note you can take it to high street banks and Post Offices.

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The new ten pound note is now in circulation., and there are serial numbers that are going to be worth a lot of money!

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