New Year’s Eve House Party Madness Survival Kit

Apparently, this year 78% of the UK is staying at home for New Year’s Eve.

I have to say I don’t bloody blame them with the cost of double-time taxis there and back, plus pubs and bars you go to every week charging you for one night – and that’s before you’ve even bought a drink.

However, staying at home can be just as costly as we drunkenly wobble from one accident to another throughout the night’s celebrations.

If you’re planning on holding your own New Year’s Ever party this year, there are some things you might want to consider before welcoming in your guests and declaring the shenanigans well and truly open.

Here is what nobody wants this New Year!

Cleaning products

Expect to be cleaning up spillages, from general worktop wiping, to full on carpet scrubbing.

If your friends are anything like mine, at least a few will be clumsier than usual after a few drinks.

Keep cloths, mops and cleaning products close at hand – nobody wants to be on their hands a knees on New Year’s Day, hungover and having to deal with a red wine stain that’s set in over night .

Remove breakables

Ornaments, electrical appliances not needed for the night, kids toys – ANYTHING you don’t want someone falling on, handling or knocking off its perch.

Get it out of the way, nobody wants to be welcoming in the New Year without the new TV they fought four hundred other shoppers for on Black Friday!

Cloakroom duties

The New Year’s Eve madness is better contained to as few rooms as possible.

Give one person the responsibility of taking coats to one of the bedrooms.

That way you don’t have twenty odd people all potentially making more drunken mess in another room.

You’re going to have enough cleaning to deal with in the morning, nobody wants it to be the entire house!

Complete a health and safety assessment

What are drunk people likely to hurt themselves on?

If we’re talking about my other half, that could literally be anything in the room.

If you have an open fire, I just wouldn’t, I mean you’re asking for trouble – right?

Knife blocks on the side are they to be knocked off, hide that shizzle away to be on the safe side!

Kitchen roll to stop slippy spillages breaking your neck – you catch my drift!

Nobody wants to spend New Year’s Eve in A&E!


Know who you’re inviting.

If you don’t know them yourself, why take unnecessary risks in your home that you wouldn’t do usually?

Plus ones are all fine and well until something goes wrong.

Be vigilant with your guest-list, nobody wants to wake up to find something missing or broken.

Final word

January is pretty much the most miserable month of the whole year, so lap up the last hurrah of 2016 as best you can.

Wishing you all a great New Year’s Eve and an even better 2017.


New Year's Eve

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