Pay It Forward: Why I’m Catering A Wedding For Free

I wouldn’t tell you any lies, I spent a large chunk of my life being a complete and utter twunk, causing mayhem pretty much wherever the wind took me and generally being an all round pain in the arse.

Thankfully, praise the universe, I started to grow up a few years back and took on a more adult approach to life, promising myself I’d be a nicer, better person.

I reckon I’ve come close to achieving that, my best mate Rachael has certainly noticed the difference – I apologise now and everything – and it took me years to realise that a lot of it came from mental health issues.

Now, I suffer from OCD and anxiety, PK swears I’m on the spectrum and likens me to Dr Sheldon Lee Cooper from Big Bang Theory, protests I’m always right, I don’t like to compromise and can be pretty forthcoming with the truth as I see it – the cheeky, honest mofo!

But, compared to others I speak with in Facebook support groups, my issues are under control – to a certain degree anyway.

And, as the saying goes “there’s always someone with bigger problems”.

It’s true, too heartrendingly true, which leads me to today’s post.

Marriage and the final goodbye

A good friend of mine received the awful news that her close friend had been given months to live.

Her and her partner had never got around to getting married and it was their wish to do so before they had to say their final goodbye to each other.

My friend’s husband was going to provide the catering to keep costs down to a bare minimum, but with it being his best friend’s wedding was becoming concerned he’d be stuck in the kitchen all day and would miss their big day – it was causing him much distress.

At that point I asked myself, “what would mum or grandma do?”

The simple answer is they would have offered her services for free, which is exactly what I did and I’ll be there on Saturday doing just that!

A learning experience

The last time I graced the ‘buffet scene’ I was manipulated into helping my mum prepare one…

“If you do it you have the sole responsibility for sandwich making. You’re basically in charge of the sandwiches David” – Jackie Taylor knew just how to play me at these things!

I’ve been given me a budget, I plan to kick that budget’s arse!

Anything leftover will be donated to a charity of the bride’s choice and if nothing else, I’m a competitive little toe-rag and I hate getting beat – leave this one with me peeps.

In a business sense it’s also good practice if I want to consider adding outside catering as a future income stream.

Most important it’s the chance to make someone’s day, we’ve only met each other once but I’m so happy to be able to help out in any small way I can – it doesn’t hurt to be nice and pay it forward!

Pay it forward

I totally believe in good karma and try to pay mine forward as and where I can.

What are you going to do to make a difference to someone’s life? Leave enough for a coffee in a cafe for a homeless person? Donate your clothes to a charity rather than selling them on? Send a food parcel to a food bank?

Sometimes the smallest of gestures makes somebody else’s whole day, give it a try, pay it forward.

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5 thoughts on “Pay It Forward: Why I’m Catering A Wedding For Free

  1. Aww, that’s lovely of you to do that and I’m sure they appreciate your kind gesture. I had a lovely random act of kindness from a complete stranger last week, which was so nice, and later paid it forward in a different way to somebody else.

  2. Love this, David! And good karma will surely follow you for this, indeed. I’m terribly sorry for the couple to have to endure their short remaining time together, but in the meantime, it sure sounds like they’ll make the most of it. What a treasure it will to be some small part of it. You’re very gracious!

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