How People Are Selling Their New Five Pound Note For Much More!

People are making considerably more selling their new five pound note!

The new five pound note is tougher, made of polymer and is more durable, but they could also be worth a lot more than you expected too.

That’s simply because collectors have realised that – as the Bank of England’s first ever plastic note – some are pretty special in the world of currency collecting.

Ever since my good mate James made the news for trying to sell his toenails on eBay, nothing much surprises me anymore.

And the new five pound note is no different.

It has been reported today that some have sold for between £200 and £400 – WOW!

A quick glance and there are literally hundreds ranging from just everyday people trying their luck, to staunch collectors who know their worth.

Before you get excited thinking there is a small fortune in your pocket, here is what the collectors are looking out for.

Which ones are worth the most?

  • Those that have come hot off the first press with serial numbers starting AA01 or the end of a press.
  • Sequential serial numbers is a set of notes, for instance AK01, AK02, AK03 and so on.

If you’ve come across one of these in your pocket – winner winner chicken dinner – you could be making considerably more than the £5 it suggests on the front.

They have sold for £227, £215, £196 and £161 so far.

The very first note off the press can be found on eBay now selling for a cool £2,499.95! Whiskey, Tango Foxtrot???

New five pound note

Stop ripping them

I’ve seen three of them today, every one of them had been ripped or teared slightly.

Be nice to your new five pound note, you have nothing to prove, just because they’re more durable it doesn’t mean indestructible!

By all means, dip it in your brew to test it out for yourself, but let’s not make them tatty and worn so quickly after we attempt to faze out its ugly big brother!

Have you got a collectible new fiver? Was your first one already ripped?

New Fiver Released By Bank Of England: What’s The Difference?


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6 thoughts on “How People Are Selling Their New Five Pound Note For Much More!

    1. Hi Luke, I’d check on eBay to see if it is going to be worth much. They’ve been about for a while now so the madness is starting to slow down with them . Still definitely worth a look though!

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