Last Orders For Your PPI Claim

This time it really is last orders for your PPI claim.

I was harping on about this at the turn of the year and this time a date is due to be set.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) want the whole PPI scandal wrapping up and a June 2019 deadline has been proposed.

The financial regulator wants the deadline set in stone  by mid 2017 along with a public awareness campaign.

£24bn in compensation has already been paid out, £24bn!!!!!! £5,500 of that was sent to my house a couple of years ago.

And, with £32.6bn set aside for the total compensation bill by the five biggest banks, why wouldn’t you look into yours?

Make a PPI claim if you think you were mis-sold

I’m always left astounded when people say they can’t be bothered to make a claim.

Yes, when the news first broke and everyone under the sun with a phone and a sheet of data were ringing our phones off the hook it was highly annoying.

No, it was more than annoying, and those persistent little gits have a lot to answer for.

However, if there is a few thousand quid of your money sat there why wouldn’t you want it back?

This money was taken out of your bank without your permission.

I’m sure if you woke to find £5,000 missing out of your bank this morning you’d be furious and want it back – this is no different.

There are no reputable companies, they’re all the same

Bullshizzle! There are good, reputable companies out there who will get back your money.

They will take a commission around the 25% bracket, but in my opinion 75% of something is better than 100% if nothing! (or as we say up North – NOWT!)

If you want to keep all the money you claim you would need to do it yourself by filling out a claims form on the Financial Ombudsman website. You can fill it out online, or if you prefer print and send.

Whichever way you decide is best, just get it done!

Final word

Money is money. Even more so when it was effectively stolen from your bank.

The banks have set aside such gigantic sums of money quite simply because they know they owe it to the people they duped into taking PPI out.

Why wouldn’t you want to claim it back?

If you are worried you won’t be able to find a reputable company to help with your claim and you don’t feel confident making the PPI claim yourself, drop me a message and I’ll happily hook you up with a great company.

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