Save Cash On Your Traveling Costs Using Love Home Swap

Love Home Swap is a fantastic way to get away and cut down on the cost of your holiday, whilst maintaining the luxury and creature comforts of home.

Founder Debbie Wosskow came up with the idea for Love Home Swap after her passion for traveling became more difficult following the birth of her having children.

She found hotels were too cramped and what she really wanted was to move her own home with her to another country. Love Home Swap was born.

What is Love Home Swap?

Love Home Swap is a secure platform where you can swap a break in someone else’s home for one in yours.

You visit their home, whilst they visit theirs. You get to enjoy all the mod cons of your and comforts of your own home rather than staying in a hotel or a basic apartment, experiencing real, authentic, local culture as you’re right in the thick of the action.


How does it work?

There are a few ways you can use Love Home Swap to find your dream holiday destination.

Direct Swap

This is as exactly as it sounds, you go to their home. They come to yours. You can choose to either swap homes at the same time or come to an agreement on separate dates that don’t coincide.

Swap Points

By having swap points you are able to travel on your own schedule without having to match dates with other members. If you’re away visiting relatives or on business and you know your home is going to be empty, you can let another member use your property and you charge a daily points fee. You can then build up your points to use at a later date and treat yourself to a trip away to somebody else’s property in the same way.

An example of how it works is:

  • You sign up and list your property and receive 100 Swap Points
  • You’re away on business for a week, somebody stays in your property and you receive another 700 Swap Points
  • Someone stays at your property for a long weekend whilst you’re visiting a friend and you receive another 400 points
  • You see a property from another member and use all or some of your 1200 points to stay there. The other member takes your points and can use them in the same way you have done.

Is there a cost involved?

Yes there are three packages. Lite at £12 a month, Standard at £14 a month and Platinum at £20 a month. There is also currently a free trial available.

How many users / properties?

There are currently over 90,000 properties listed all over the world. From major tourist areas like New York, to more quiet quaint destinations where you can relax and mingle right in the heart of a local community.

Closing thoughts

Using Love Home Swap really could save on the cost of your holiday, especially if you have children.

It also takes away the usual added extra cost added on by the tour operators because it is out of term time, something I know adds even more strain on parents when choosing holidays.

If you live near a famous football team such as my beloved Manchester United you may have more people interested in your area than you first might have thought. It could be the same if you live near an airport.

Just remember, not everybody is on the lookout for a holiday destination, there could be many people looking for short trips because of business that you can cash in the other way to make a holiday out of.


All in all I think it is a great platform that will suit many people. And I will certainly be giving it a try when I finally move home!

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