How To Start Saving Money On Heating Bills Now

We’re having a bit of stand off in our gaff at the moment, I’ve been told that I am under no circumstances to put up the Christmas tree until December, and I’ve retaliated that until it’s up there will be no heating going on, under the guise of I’m just “saving money on heating” – ask me if I’m bothered!

However, if your house is heating and Christmas tree squabble free, and you’ve already started to crank up the temperature dial, there are some very simple tricks that could be saving money on heating.

When energy companies continue to hike the price of heating our homes beyond all jokes to prevent the ever so slightest dent in their multi billion pound profits, we must do all we can to make sure we’re not left with the choice to heat or eat – a stark reality for far too many people in the UK.

So, as my teeth chatter with the cold sat here in my onesie, let me show you how you can start saving money on heating bills as we start to approach winter.

How to start saving money on heating bills

Switch energy suppliers NOW

If you still haven’t searched for a cheaper energy deal and fixed down your prices, there is no better time to crack on with it.

It’s starting to get cold out there and you’re heading into energy burning season.

The clocks go back at the end of October, descending us into gloomy darkness for the foreseeable and you’re going to have the lights on a lot more because of it.

Add that to the heating going back on and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for a whopping energy bill.

Finding the cheapest energy supplier in your area and fixing down your prices to avoid any price hikes should 100% be your first point of call.

It’s a seamless process these days, so don’t let fear of the unknown prevent you from saving £200 – £400 per year.

Set your timer

Avoid my stepdad’s technique of attempting to never have the heating on at all, it leads to all out war, increasing the chances of someone putting it on full blast in retaliation, forgetting about it, and leaving it on all day.

When you start to feel the cold in your house, set the timer to come on 20-30 minutes before you are due to get out of bed and leave it on for an hour.

Repeat the process so the heating is on ready for when you are due to arrive home from work or school, this way you’ll keep everyone happy and the energy bills down.

Get some bloody clothes on!

How many times did you hear that as a kid?

It must be close to a billion in our house, but my mum had a point really.

Jumpers, slippers and sitting under a blanket will all help to keep you warm so you don’t need to have the heating blasting continuously.

My winter warmer of choice is my onesie.

It cost me £40 four years ago and we are about to embark on our fifth winter together – money well spent in my book.

Drop the dial

Turning your temperature dial down by one degree could save you anything upwards of £65 – £70 on today’s rip off prices.

It’s pretty unlikely you’ll notice the difference, and to make that sort of saving for the sake of doing something so simple, it’s a no brainer!

Bleed your radiators

Or, if this sort of task leaves you in a cold sweat like me, blag a friend or relative to do it, but do make sure you definitely get it done one way or another.

Bleeding your radiators regularly releases trapped air, meaning your radiators work much more efficiently and you’re saving money on heating costs.

Tin foil. Seriously, tin foil

Fitting tin foil on the wall behind your radiators reflects the heat back into the room, preventing the wall from absorbing the heat.

If you’re radiator is on an exterior wall, using tin foil behind the radiator will ensure you save a lot of heat from escaping outside, keeping your home warmer and eliminating the need to have the heating on for such long periods.

Turn off radiators

You wouldn’t run a bath for the invisible man and you shouldn’t heat a room for him either.

Heating empty rooms is burning your money away so switch off the radiators in those rooms.

To prevent damp give them a blast every now and again, but there is no need to heat them twice daily.

Your radiators are not washing lines

Drying clothes on your radiators might be quicker, but it prevents your house heating up properly and wastes your money in the process.

Invest in a clothes maiden and keep the radiators specifically for heating your rooms.

Put wood int’ hole

Or, for those of you in the south, close the door.

Drawing your curtains at dusk and ensuring doors are closed in rooms you’re trying to heat will prevent heat from escaping.

The less heat the escapes, the less you need to have the heating on.

Block drafts

Use draft excluders and fit curtains on exterior doors to stop heat leaking out underneath the door and through your letterbox and keyhole.

What are you doing to make sure you’re saving money on heating bills this winter?

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The early nights are drawing in, it's starting to get cold outside and it's time to think about making a start saving money on heating bills. If you are looking to cut down the cost of your energy, try these simple tips.

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  1. These are some really great tips especially as heating can be so expensive. I really need to change providers as I know we are paying too much

    Laura x

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