Hey SHOMIES: The SHOMO Awards 2017

After a week from hell with food poisoning which left me spending most of the week with my head down the bog and an arse that bears a striking resemblance to the Japanese flag, it was a welcomed relief to have the SHOMO Awards to look forward to on Saturday.

We can sometimes be overlooked in award ceremonies as money bloggers, and Andy Webb has done a great job in building a community of UK Money Bloggers that, in three short years, has grown to over 180 strong.

Obligatory travel dramas

Last year as I rocked up to the awards I’d just had the unfortunate experience of a wasp climbing up my trouser leg, which proceeded to sting the be Jaysus out of me.

Not wanting to be outdone this year my pants decided to split before I had even departed the coach – luckily I managed the tear well throughout the day ending any need to be emergency stapled by my blogging peers.

I had pre-warned Andy I would be at least an hour late, but with London traffic combined with a colourblind person being left to attempt to navigate his way around the colour coded bastard that is the tube on his own, it actually turned out to be closer to two hours late.

It wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t some nightmare along the way somewhere – maybe it’ll be third time lucky next year?

Learning about earning

Full time blogging is becoming more and more of a realistic career choice.

There are still some in my own circle that can’t get their head around this and in all honesty I’ve given up trying to convince them – they don’t pay my bills and I manage to, the end.

However, there are some within the money blogging community that are earning mega bucks, so it’s prudent to listen how they’re doing it if they’re willing to share the knowledge.

I’ve took that information in and I’m ready to make this year the best yet.

The SHOMO Awards 3

I made the final for three categories, Best Money Making Blog, Best Money Saving Blog and Best Personal Finance Blog, but unfortunately this year I came home empty handed.

I didn’t really go expecting much this year in all honesty, I was up against some of the best and most experienced money bloggers the UK has to offer and it was an achievement to make it to the final of three categories.

In a conversation with PK on the way to the coach station I said to him I fancy my chances a lot more in 2018 with what I have planned for this blog.

I’m a competitive little fecker and I’ll most certainly be back for the SHOMO Awards 4 next year!

Congratulations to all the finalists, runners up and winners!!!

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After a week from hell with food poisoning it was a welcomed relief to have the UK Money Bloggers SHOMO Awards to look forward to on Saturday!

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8 thoughts on “Hey SHOMIES: The SHOMO Awards 2017

    1. You too Mrs, although I feel like I’ve known you for ages anyway lol. Strange that’s the first time we’ve actually met in person. I think we should all have a catch up way before the next SHOMOS!

  1. Oh dear, you certainly find yourself in some interesting situations, don’t you – and told in such an entertaining way! Well done for being nominated and good luck for next year.

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