Conquering moob mountain: The return to Slimming World

Just over two weeks ago I got out of bed ready for a busy day ahead, stripped out of my onesie and caught a terrifying glimpse of the past in the mirror, only this was no momentary flashback to the dark days of chub and large clothing, this was very much in the present, confirming moob mountain was back with a bang.

I had originally planned to start slimming some excess chub off in September, even going to the lengths of buying a kettlebell – clearly being a bit generous in my estimations of personal motivation.

Well, safe to say things didn’t quite go to plan.

After sitting idle in an unopened box for the first 14 days after purchase, we welcomed in October and my body went kaput. One bug and infection after another meaning the only exercise I participated in were bathroom visits.

Anyway, stood there in a state of shock, unsure of how I’d managed to miss it before this particular morning, I saw my arse and proceeded to engage in great debate with myself in the mirror. I mean, how had I been so successfully, blissfully ignorant that long?

Once my one-to-one with myself was complete, it was decided that getting back to basics was the most sensible course of action.

Re-joining Slimming World

Yep, third time lucky.

I’ve had varied success with Slimming World, not because the plan doesn’t work, rather because I’m a clever smart arse who thinks he can cheat the system!

The first time I attempted Slimming World I lost almost two stone in five months. I took it seriously and I’m not really sure why I stopped going!

Second time around I just constantly cheated, yoyo’d and pretty much remained where I was.

This time I’ve prepared EVERYTHING, my home fridge looks like a cafe’s display fridge so I can just grab stuff at ease to make tasty meals super quick.

I’m here, there and everywhere on a daily basis, and the lack of routine is what was killing me, leading me to eating convenience foods that are full of shit we just don’t need.

Slimming World gets results!

I’ve had two weigh ins so far, with losses of 6.5lb and 1.5lb respectively.

I really can’t argue with an 8lb loss in two weeks, and I fully intend on sticking to the letter of the law like my first attempt!

The best thing about Slimming World is you’re never hungry. I cannot stand being hungry, it makes me really irritable and I’m hard work enough – if PK is to be believed.

I’ve ate LOADS and it’s still coming off. If you fancy losing a bit of weight I’d highly recommend it.

You can find recipes for all the meals I’ve been eating here!

***This is NOT a collaboration post. I genuinely recommend Slimming World based on my own experiences***

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3 thoughts on “Conquering moob mountain: The return to Slimming World

  1. I don’t know much about how slimming world works, but I know losing weight comes from the kitchen and not in the gym. For a ‘diet’ to work, it’s important that we don’t feel hungry. When we reduce calories with smaller portions and force ourselves through hunger, our metabolism adjusts causing us keep fat even while eating less. Seems like slimming world can be a long-term lifestyle rather than just a diet as you are eating as much as you want still losing weight.
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