Don’t Let Spring And The Sunshine Screw Your Finances

Spring is here, HURRAH!

Although, you wouldn’t know it just yet in sunny Manchester where we are still battling bouts of sleet, snow and icy winds.

But, with spring comes the temptations that warmer weather brings as we all start to pack away our onesies and come out of hibernation.

This is the time of year I like to refer to as DJT’s danger zone.

Getting me to leave the house in any social capacity is near impossible during the cold, dark months, however, not so much as the clocks go forward and things start to warm up a bit.

So, what can you do to safeguard yourself this spring against overindulgence an frivolous spending?

Re-evaluate your budget ready for spring

I don’t have to worry too much about overspending during winter.

I’m fairly prudent when it comes to Christmas spending, have sixth sense for anyone abusing the heating, and as mentioned above, I tend to hibernate away.

But warmer weather and lighter nights puts the spring back in my step (I’ll show myself the door), and I need to take a long hard look at my budget to make sure I stay in line with my saving goals.

Looking at ways to squeeze my budget further is usually my first point of call – something has to give to free up a bit more summer sun money.

This year I’ve already decided that will be TV subscriptions, they’re gone and won’t be returning any time soon.

If that isn’t an option for you, look at other things you could cut back.

Obviously, your energy bills should decrease and as long as you’re not playing catch up from the winter months,  so there could be some extra wriggle room there.

If you feel there is nothing in your budget you can skim down, try and find some side hustles that can boost your income a bit.

These articles have some great ways you can make some great extra cash around your current commitments:

How to make a lucrative side income from a spare room

No time? No money? No problem! Start Matched Betting

6 hobbies you can turn into a side hustle

Spend smarter

Packed lunches

Remember the six Ps…

Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

Let me elaborate;

If you’re going on a long walk, take refreshments and a packed lunch with you.

And ideally, eat a good homemade breakfast in the morning before you set off.

When we get hungry we are weak and susceptible to buying crap we could have prepared ourselves.

Lets face it, anything you take with you is going to be a lot more wholesome and cheaper than you’re ever going to find in a greasy park van selling hot-dogs.

The prices in these types of vans are inflated beyond all belief and you really aren’t getting any value for your money.

Make your own beer garden

This is where it can go majorly wrong for me.

One pint in and I’m looking for, and willing to accept ,any excuse offered that means we don’t leave that pub until the law requires us to.

For the price of one pint in the pub, you can get almost half a crate from a supermarket who use crates of booze as loss leaders to get you in to see all the other goodies they want to flog you.

I’m not saying you should shun your local publican for the rest of eternity, but mix it up and spend your money wisely.

First round is on me!

Vouchers and money off deals

The internet is a wonderful treasure trove of money off deals, voucher and apps.

I never leave the house to do anything these days without checking for a money off solution before hand.

Good old Blighty isn’t known for her hot, consistent temperatures, so the chances are there are going to be days where leaving the house is about as appealing as spending a cosy evening in with Katie Hopkins.

That being said, indoor activities are likely to be high on your list on certain days.

Think smart and always check to see if there is any chance you can save yourself a few quid first.

These articles have some great ways you can cut down your costs:

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O2 priority hack: Get freebies without being an O2 customer 

Why I love Zeek (and you should too)

NUS card hack: How to get student discount easily without being a student

Save cash on your traveling costs using Love Home Swap

10 simple ways to save on the cost of your holiday

Free activities

Find as many as possible in your local area or further afield if you fancy a trip out.

Local news boards and websites listing local attractions and activities are great to find things going on in your area.

Having fun doesn’t have to cost the earth, especially when the sun is out.

If you have kids, The National Trust pass is a great investment, with lots of places and attractions of natural beauty to visit.

What are you going to do to make sure spring doesn’t screw your finance?

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what can you do to safeguard yourself this spring against overindulgence an frivolous spending?

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Thinking Thrifty

David Naylor is the editor of the Thinking Thrifty blog. An award winning personal finance and lifestyle blogger, he shows how it is possible to live extremely well for less.
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    1. Coming along nicely, especially with the new side hustle! I do need a new couch though, so I’m going to have to give in and actually spend something lol

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