Starting as I mean to go on: £5k Saving Challenge

The Christmas and New Year party is well and truly over. I’m not going to lie, I’m glad to get back to normality.

Now begins the serious business of knuckling down and saving every penny possible to hit my £5,000 target.

Habits 1

I do, admittedly, waste a lot of money. Over the last year in particular I got really lazy in the kitchen opting for far too many take-away’s, or bought on the day ready-made food from the top end supermarkets. It has seriously affected my saving capability as well as adding unnecessary pounds to my waistline!

Changing bad habits

For the first time in a good while I have made a 4 week meal plan made up from meals that are healthy and nutritious, whilst being cheap and cheerful at the same time. All recipes will be found with costings in the Cheap Recipe Spot.

I am aiming to feed me and my partner for around £25 per week. Doesn’t sound much for 3 meals a day does it? My plan is designed to be cost effective, making meals from previous night’s meals as much as possible. I also made myself some two batches of soup up before Christmas so again it will all help towards keeping me on target.


I’ll keep a record of daily costings to keep me on track throughout the week. As my kitchen is limited on space I’ll be doing my shop weekly.

I’ll let you know how I get on with it and I’ll be honest if any cheating goes on! I promise to try my best, and as the house is still full of leftover Christmas chocolate there will be no need to buy any treats!


Wish me luck and hopefully by the end of this month it’ll be my bank account which has gained a few pounds rather than my waistline!


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