How To Get Student Discount Easily Without Being A Student: NUS Card Hack

Help yourself to student discount – NUS card hack revealed!

Did you know that there is a crafty, yet simple trick that enables everyone to get an NUS card student discount?

No? Well you do now, and I’m going to show you how!

I first alerted to this incredible NUS card hack by Andy Webb over at Be Clever With Your Cash and I highly recommend you go and give him a visit!

What is an NUS card?

Plain and simple, an NUS card  (National Union of Students) is a student discount card that gives you money off shops, cinemas and much more.

A few short years back, NUS started to charge students for an NUS Extra card, which opened up even more discounts and goodies to them.

How do I get an NUS card if I’m not a student?

Amazingly, anyone who signs up to any online course on e-Careers is eligible to buy an NUS card. The course usually lasts a year and they range from languages to healthy eating courses.

Now, to make this a worthwhile deal you need to source your course (check my bad rhyme) as cheaply as possible.

Remember, the course material is unimportant, we just want cheap stuff!

Deals can be found easily on Wowcher, GoGroopies and Groupon. They average between about £8 – £12 in price.

Once you have purchased your course, simply follow the instructions to activate the course with e-Careers.

Then all is left is to apply for an NUS Extra card. Choose e-Careers as your place of study, pay the £12 fee and voila – 12 months student discount!

Is it legit?

Would I suggest anything that wasn’t? (cackles)

NUS own e-Careers, if you’re buying their courses they’re happy with that – so go for it.

Are the savings worth it?

Errr, hell yeah they are!

With thousands of places to use it you’ll easily make your money back just through everyday spending, anything saved after that point is a Brucey bonus.

You would need student ID to accompany your NUS card if you wanted a Young Person’s Railcard so please don’t go getting busted on the train!

If you really want to maximise its use, order a Gourmet Society add on for £3.99 which offers discounts similar to Taste Card.

Have you ever used an NUS card?

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