A bailiff has the right to take away some of your possessions, with the exception being anything you cannot live or work without. They can sell any possessions they lift from your home to raise money that is paid to your creditors for your outstanding debt.  As I mentioned earlier, they can be a court official or employed by a private company. Bailiffs usually won’t get involved unless the case has already been to court and you were unable to come to an agreement with your creditors.

How To Deal With Bailiffs And Debt Collectors

If you’ve received notification that you have bailiff action coming your way, you need to clue yourself up about what powers bailiffs have, quickly. Put aside any notions about burying your head, you need to move extremely swiftly in dealing with bailiffs and debt collectors.    I’m going to need you to forget what Janet from around the corner…

Parking tickets shouldn't cost you your life!

Parking tickets are expensive – but shouldn’t cost you your life

Jerome Rogers, a 20 year old courier, got a couple of parking tickets last year that he couldn’t afford to pay. After these were sent to the bailiffs, two £65 tickets ballooned to a debt of over £1,000. A bailiff clamped his motorcycle so Jerome couldn’t earn any money at all and he killed himself. But this isn’t just…


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