Nobody should have to worry about putting food on the table at Christmas, so along with the other UK Money Bloggers, this year I'm taking part in The Reverse Advent Calendar.

Will You Take Part In The Reverse Advent Calendar?

We’ve not even tiptoed past Halloween yet, but the seasonal monster is already paramount in many people’s thoughts, Christmas is coming, and rather disgracefully for one of the richest countries in the world, this year fear will turn to putting food on the table, not buying presents. Increased demand for food banks during winter and Christmas Growing up in…


Learning To Say No Will Be The Best Gift To Yourself This Christmas

At this time of year many personal finance bloggers will be giving out lots of great money saving advice and tips to help you get through Christmas. That’s fantastic, it’s what we’re here for. However, I’m here to change things up a bit. What if you could learn to say no that little bit more? Although I don’t have…

Black Friday

How To Get Through Black Friday Like A Boss

Black Friday madness is set to strike the UK and if last year is anything to go by it’s going to be busy, both on the high street and online. Last year we spent a massive £3.3bn over Black Friday weekend with 1.4m people putting themselves into debt to do so. In fact, 15% of millennials said they put…

store cards

Christmas Countdown – The Danger Of Store Cards.

Would you like a store card today? With just 13 weeks until Christmas, for many of us, the panic has already set in and we are considering credit such as store cards to keep up. The “must have” presents children crave present a sizable headache for parents up and down the country worrying about how they are simply going…


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