Halloween, to me, is getting a few mates around and scaring the crap out of each other with ghost stories and scary movies. Here's some of my favourites!

9 Scary Movies You Must Watch For Halloween

Back when I was still a kid, I used to love Halloween. Not so much the whole dressing up aspect, which has never really been my thing, but trying to scare the feck out each other with my friend’s and brothers most certainly was our thing. Watching scary films was by far my most favourite thing about Halloween, so I…


Why I’m Bringing Halloween Back To The Nineties

As a kid I used to love Halloween. My mum was absolutely kick ass at making decorations and costumes and she saw it as a way of getting us all sat down spending time with each other – no mean feat when you have two brothers who have hated each other since birth! How times change. Fast forward to adulthood…

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