A few weeks ago I went on a road trip to Sheffield to visit the Approved Food factory with a few of the other UK Money Bloggers. If you have never heard of Approved Food, they're the largest online retailer of short-dated food. Here is what I think of the products and service!

Approved Food Review: Just How Good Is It?

A few weeks ago I went on a road trip to Sheffield to visit the Approved Food factory with a few of the other UK Money Bloggers. If you have never heard of Approved Food, they’re the largest online retailer of short-dated food. What I witnessed was an incredible, slick operation, which was the brainchild of Dan Cluderay who, with…

Energy company

Why Your Energy Company Is Mugging Your Loyalty Off

“Loyalty doesn’t pay where energy firms are concerned” was the first blog ever posted on Thinking Thrifty, and it seems most of us are still having our pants pulled down by our energy company. If you’re a customer of SSE, you’re likely to be one of the ones affected most by greedy energy firm bosses failing to make enough…

prepayment meters

Prepayment Meters: The Ultimate Insult For The Financially Vulnerable

Prepayment meters have always been a bug bear of mine, or should I say the cost of running them has. You pay before you try, yet you’re charged more than someone paying in arrears – crazy! I find it astounding that energy companies can get away with charging the most vulnerable of society more. That’s not to say everyone…

water bills

How To Cut Down Your Water Bills

Water bills are fast becoming a major headache for many households in the UK. Water bills are increasingly becoming of significant concern for many households. Back in the days when I was still working in the energy sector, I was continually asked by customers whether we could help to switch their water suppliers too and reduce their bill. The…

energy firms

Energy Firms Maths Error Means You Could Have Been Overcharged

Energy firms just don’t seem to be able to get their shizzle together do they? This time, a simple mathematics mistake has lead to thousands of customers paying up to three times more for their gas. Here is what has happened and who has been affected. What went so wrong? Mixing up measurements from older imperial meters with modern metric ones….


13 Tricks To Spend Less When Shopping

I think most of us are aware about a few of the retailer tricks, but on closer inspection you’d be surprised how deep they’ve delved into our psyche to trick us into spending more than we intend. We are being bombarded with tricks left, right and centre when we’re out shopping, so let’s break them down to stay ahead…


Undeniable Proof You Need Splittable!

Tired of being the one who always picks up the bill? Well, your problem has just been solved by the masterminds behind my new favourite app Splittable. We’ve all been there at some point, you pay the bill on the promise that the other parties will pay you back the money owed, but it never arrives. Then worse of…

energy bills

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Energy Bills

Remember when you received that call regarding your energy bills from that chirpy telesales agent and you told them you wasn’t interested and slammed the phone down? Well, the chances are they might had been able to teach you a few things about your bill that your energy company was happy for you not to know. Despite the continual…

Muscle Foods Review

Muscle Foods Review

To say I was sceptical about Muscle Foods at first is an understatement. If you haven’t already seen them all over your Facebook newsfeed and on banners on websites throughout the UK, Muscle Foods is an online retailer selling extra lean meats and protein for knockdown prices. As the saying goes ‘if it sounds too good to be true then…


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