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An inside guide on how to completely screw your finances

Working in the debt industry I speak to people day-in-day-out who are struggling to maintain their household finances and credit commitments. Illness, breakdown in relationships, lost jobs, failed business ventures, reckless spending or just a total lack of meaningful income – I’ve seen it all. However, whilst chained to my desk for an obscene amount the day, you can…

emergency fund

What I Would Do Without An Emergency Fund

22% of the UK population said they would need to borrow money to meet a £200 unexpected expense due to the lack of an emergency fund. Until the start of this year I had absolutely no money saved in an emergency fund. I had no debt, but I lived month-to-month, spending frivolously without too much thought to an emergency….

friends characters

Learn From The Friends Characters, Not The Dodgy Adverts In Between

We should be taking our lead from the Friends characters and not the irresponsible adverts in between. A couple of weeks ago, to my absolute joy and my partners horror, I noticed Comedy Central had been added to my Virgin Media Package free of charge. This could mean only one thing, I could watch the whole Friends box set all…


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