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There Is No Such Thing As Free Supermarket Vouchers

Scammers are out to take your money using your phone as a direct link to your bank account – ladies and gentlemen the supermarket vouchers scam is back in time for Christmas! If you haven’t already seen the supermarket vouchers scam on social media, it surely won’t be too long. The scam basically offers the promise of a £500 supermarket…

apple itunes scam

Beware, The Apple iTunes Scam Is Back

Surprise, surprise, the Apple iTunes scam is back! Here is everything you need to know. It seems to happen two or three times every year and this one is no different, the Apple iTunes scam is back targeting your card details. Fake iTunes receipts are doing the rounds again, designed to dupe people by looking authentic and genuine. You…


Why It’s Crazy Giving Money To BadDebtor

Working in the debt industry for a number for years it is no surprise to see the odd scam company like BadDebtor rock up now and again, preying on vulnerable people. Sickening as it is, these companies target people who have gone to hell and back with debt problems, making promises they have no intention of fulfilling. I was alerted to…


How To Avoid Being Hit By The New UK ATM Scam

ATM fraud at UK cash machines increased by 20% in 2015 to £32.7m – a massive increase. Although, prior to chip and PIN in 2004 the level of fraud at the ATM was £74.6m, so huge strides have been made. But with scammers, where there’s a will, there’s a way and they are back with yet another scam to…


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