Luxury Holidays And Latest Tech Top Big Ticket Shopping List Of 2017

A tumultuous 2016 has not put Brits off spending big in 2017, according to credit score and report site ClearScore. 82% plan to splurge on ‘big ticket’ items next year, with holidays abroad topping the wish list for nearly half of UK adults (45%). “Staycations” follow close behind for 38% and high-end tech, such as MacBooks and SLR cameras…

house sitting

How To Earn And Save Money House Sitting

If you’d love the chance to stay in exotic homes all over the world then house sitting could be perfect for you. It’s not going to make you a millionaire. But, if you enjoy travel, have a passive income and would like to see more of the world then it is something you may want to seriously consider. If…

Flight Delay compensation

How Leaving The EU Changes Flight Delay Compensation

From flight delay compensation to the EHIC card, there is much being said from both sides about the ramifications of leaving the EU. The truth is nothing much is going to change in the very short term in terms of our membership. However, in two years time when the real changes take place, there is expected to be some…

Love Home Swap

Save Cash On Your Traveling Costs Using Love Home Swap

Love Home Swap is a fantastic way to get away and cut down on the cost of your holiday, whilst maintaining the luxury and creature comforts of home. Founder Debbie Wosskow came up with the idea for Love Home Swap after her passion for traveling became more difficult following the birth of her having children. She found hotels were…

10 Simple Ways To Save On The Cost Of Your Holiday [INFOGRAPHIC]

As we are tightening our belts this year in pursuit of our first home we’ll be lucky to see one holiday. In fact, had it not been my mother’s 60th birthday at the end of this year, we wouldn’t be going at all. But, I promised to take her and I’m a man of my word so I’m taking…


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