How ‘Too Good To Go’ Wants To Change Our Attitude Towards Waste

If the food is Too Good To Go, why waste it?

I have always been disgusted at the amount of food we throw away in the UK, from household waste to commercial.

We’re throwing away around 7 million tons of food from our homes every year – believe it or not, that could fill 23 million wheelie bins!

Bearing this in mind it was great to see someone take the initiative of tackling food wastage, in restaurants at least.

Introducing Too Good To Go, an app where you can find meals for knock down prices that would have otherwise been thrown away.

How does Too Good To Go Work?

Too Good To Go is an app you can download on both iOS and Android.

On there you can find restaurants in your local area that will sell meals at knock down prices as they reach closing time.

The thought behind it is it’s better to sell it on for cheaper than throwing it away as wastage.

Good food doesn’t belong in the bin, it belongs in someone’s belly!

How much can you save?

Typically the meals cost from £2 to a maximum of £3.80 – way below the full asking price.

There are limited vendors on board at the moment, however, you can recommend a restaurant to the programmeto see if they want to get involved.

And who wouldn’t?

They are still getting some money for something they would have binned and made a loss on – seems like a no brainer to me!

What time are the meals discounted?

This can vary form vendor to vendor, but generally in my area (Manchester) it tends to be after 8pm.

Perfect if you are out having a few drinks and feel a bit peckish and much better than a take-away let’s face it!

Office workers who cover the evening shifts in call centres could really take advantage too, but the more vendors they get on board, the more opportunities they’ll be for everyone.

You can also pre-book your meal earlier in the day ready to collect later.

Final word

In the UK, Too Good To Go is still in its infancy, however in my opinion they’re on to a winner here and I’d expect it to take off big time eventually.

They have 200 partners signed up already and it won’t be long before many more jump on the bandwagon.

It could well become the yellow reduced ticket of the restaurant world!

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