Why That Two Pound Coin In Your Pocket Could Be Worth A Lot More

After the madness surrounding the new five pound note, it seems there’s some valuable two pound coins doing the rounds now too.

An error at the Royal Mint means that something originally sent out with a value of £2 has now risen astronomically to £360!

Why are they valuable?

A batch of them were sent out with a grammatical error on them, giving them a ‘scarcity 1’ grading and meaning they are now highly collectible.

You may not have noticed the error as it isn’t on the front or back of the coin.

This error is on the side of the coin in the engraving which says ‘Am I Not A Man And Brother?’

Her Maj’s face is on the front of the coin so the writing should be upright when you lay the coin down on a table.

Almost 8.5 million of the coins were made for the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade, but not all of them carry the typo.

If you’re lucky enough to find one you could make a cool £358 profit!

Not bad eh?

Are there anymore coins to look out for?

There is a few to keep your eyes peeled for with varying value.

The undated 20p

Back in 2008 the Royal Mint forgot to add the date to around 250,000 20 pence pieces.

The coins are excepted as legal tender, however, come across one of these beauties and you could sell it for as much as £100!

The ‘New Pence’ two pence

All 2p coins made before 1982 say ‘new pence’, after that date they should say ‘two pence’.

A number of coins were minted with ‘new pence’ still showing in error from 1983, meaning those coins can be cashed in for a few hundred quid.

The Olympic swimmer 50p

The original Olympic aquatic coin with the wavy lines across the swimmers face was only minted 600 times, nothing in terms of coin collecting.

Their scarcity now means you can fetch anything up to £800 if you find one.

Final word

If you think you may have found a valuable collectors item two pound coin, or any of the coins above, the easiest way to check their value is by heading over to Change Checker!

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