The Ultimate Tightwad January Guide

You can be the ultimate tightwad this January if you put your mind to it.

My stepdad was the biggest tightwad I’ve ever met in my life.

We didn’t always get on, but there are many things I’ve took from him that used to bug the life out of me as a child.

I’ve written this post with him in mind, there are some on this list that even he would be proud of.

How many of these are you prepared to do to save money this month?

Here is how to be the ultimate, big old January tightwad!

Charge your phone at work

Take your charger in with you and let your boss take up the cost of charging your phone.

Heck, why stop there?

If you have iPods, iPads and laptops, bring them in to!

Make sure you’re not making it too obvious, I don’t want to hear any stories of disciplinarys flying around!

Shower at the gym

If you’re already forking out for the gym then why are you also paying for your morning wash?

Have that shower on your gym, go all out and take your toothbrush too.

Water isn’t cheap, and a lot of it is used in the morning.

Let someone else pick up the cost this month, be a tightwad.

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Yellow ticket stalking

You can literally save a fortune keeping your eye out for reduced items.

In one week before Christmas I stocked up my freezer with £73 worth of fresh fish and meat for less than £30.

Eat like a king and spend like a pauper.

I’ve found the smaller local versions of the big supermarkets are better, along with Co-Ops!

Jumpers and onesies instead of heating

OK, we live in the UK and this time of year isn’t pleasant when it comes to temperature.

Turning on the heating is the easiest thing to do when it gets nippy, but hold out.

Wrap up warm in jumpers, onesies and thick pants.

Going without the usual heat in your house for even an hour a day will save money over the month.

Better still, go and chill in someone else’s house more often than you usually would!

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Search for samples

Dentists always have samples of toothpastes they’d recommend you to buy.

Act dumb, call in and mention the dentist told you to try one last time but can’t remember the name.

I guarantee you they’ll present you with a choice of things.

The last four samples I picked up lasted almost a month.

Also try websites such as Latest Free Stuff, there is so much stuff on there for free it’s unreal.

You just need to know where to look for it.

Write to companies for freebies

I’ll never forget the look on PK’s face last year when I told him I was going to get our washing powder and conditioner for free.

Not for the first time, he thought I’d lost my mind.

I sent Lenor an email, well a story would be closer to the truth, about how PK had gone out and bought Comfort instead of Lenor – thus ruining my life.

I received a £5 voucher to grab myself some Lenor!

Realising this worked with ease I quickly did the same with Comfort, just the other way around, and low and behold, another voucher rocked up.

As Ariel are owned by the same company as Lenor, we used it for that and grabbed the Comfort and that was the monthly washing taken care of!

It pays to be cheeky, give it a go.

Visit relatives for dinner

Got a relative always moaning they never see enough of you?

January is the month to go and make their day.

You could pop in once or twice a week, just time it around dinner and feed your belly for free.

Use Too Good To Go

You can pick up meals for less than half price in a lot of cases using this app.

They are meals restaurants would have historically put in the bin.

Too Good To Go is looking to change attitudes towards waste, and you can save yourself a fortune too.

You can read more about Too Good To Go in this review I written last year.


Wombling is essentially picking up other people’s discarded receipts and cashing them in at Asda using their Asda Price Guarantee offer, or using them for Nectar points etc.

I have written an article explaining this in further detail, as many people in the UK no longer pay for their shopping using this super thrifty trick.

There is a Facebook group dedicated to guiding people through their first steps of Wombling and everything.

Wombling could just be the ultimate thrifty, tightwad way to shop!

Find out more about Wombling here.

Final word

There are many ways you can be a tightwad, some of these won’t be for everyone.

Which ones would you try, go on be honest!

Have you any other tightwad suggestions? I’d love to hear them!!

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