Facebookland Unfollow Button Collapses Under General Election Strain

This is a party political broadcast from The Sick To Feckin’ Death Of Hearing It Party!

Disaster strikes Facebookland as General Election fever reaches bat shit crazy levels!

The Facebookland unfollow button failed to show up to work today claiming exhaustion as election fever continues to sweep through Facebookland.

Millions of uninformed Brits have took to the latest craze of sharing any old shit as long as it suits their agenda, leading to an unforeseen surge in presses on the unfollow button.

A spokesman for the unfollow button said, “We have never seen such a tsunami of idiocy on this scale before. People are literally sharing every piece of drivel they see, and it has put a huge strain on the unfollow button’s workload. At this rate we run the risk of running the unfollow button into the ground, we are speaking with our union representatives this afternoon”

Jeremy Corbyn responded by saying “Under my Labour government we would create another 30 unfollow buttons to take the pressure off the current set up, whilst giving people who are sick to their back teeth of seeing post after post of utter crap, the help they need to be free to look at cat pictures again”

Mrs May counteracted “Under my strong and stable government the unfollow would be means tested with immediate effect, and if deemed fit, would be sent straight back to work. I have continually pledged to increase current levels of unfollow button funding, there is no need to panic”

Diane Abbott currently has all 10 fingers and toes, plus her abacus at the ready to work out exactly what the new proposals under Jeremy Corbyn would cost the taxpayer.

We have reached out to Mark Zuckerberg and his team, but are still waiting for a reply.

Tag a friend who needs to give it a rest about the General Election!

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2 thoughts on “Facebookland Unfollow Button Collapses Under General Election Strain

  1. Brilliant! This literally made me LOL! Only 2 more days, then it’s guess who’s going to win day, then endless analysis of why the winner won day 🙂

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