Upside Down Fiver Fire Sale: Have You Bagged Yourself A Bargain?

The influx of new fiver sales on eBay show no sign of slowing, you can now buy your very own upside down fiver!

I’ve not lost my marbles, honestly.

After the rush to buy the new five pound notes with the first batch AA01 serial numbers, followed by last weeks AK47 serial numbers taking eBay by storm, there’s a new craze in town – upside down fivers!

Yes, those little comedians have flooded eBay with a raft of five pound notes for sale photographed upside down.

What’s slightly more disturbing is some already have bids.

upside down fiverNow, if the Queen was wearing a pair of shades, giving a peace sign with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth you might be onto something.

However, paying for an upside down fiver’, which quite clearly has simply been photographed that way, isn’t a sound investment.


For the sake of humanity I’d like to think the bids are all jokes.

Although, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some were actually genuine thinking they had unearthed some collectible treasure.

Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, keep your money in your pocket.

upside down fiver

Final word

It’s all getting a bit silly now isn’t it?

It’s highly unlikely you’re going to find a rare collectable in your pocket.

If that’s what you’re banking on (sorry) you’re more than likely going to have to patiently await the release of the new tenner.

Unfortunately, you’ll have a bit of a wait.

The new tenner isn’t due for release until September, possibly October, of next year.

Just like the new fiver it will be made of polymer and will be smaller than its predecessor – though it will be bigger than the new fiver.

Bank of England chief Mark Carney confirmed during a press conference in 2013 the new note will feature classic novelist Jane Austin.

Do you know anyone who has managed to make money from selling their new fiver?

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2 thoughts on “Upside Down Fiver Fire Sale: Have You Bagged Yourself A Bargain?

  1. Haha this is ridiculous! You’re right I think we’ll see a new wave of stupidity with the new tenner, but also the new pound coin in March.

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