What you need to know about the new Ryanair hand luggage changes

Ryanair has changed its hand luggage policy again and there are a few things you should know if you want to avoid long queues and charges.

The new Ryanair hand luggage changes kick in from November 1.

After making numerous changes over the last few months it has become easier than ever to get caught out with too much baggage and paying an excess charge.

Under the hand luggage rules, non priority customers will only be permitted to take on one carry bag onto the plane free of charge.

If its got wheels its case regardless of the size and believe me when I say, arguing isn’t getting it on the plane, but it may well get you stopped from getting on it, as someone I travelled with recently very nearly proved.

It’s the second time this year Ryanair has made a change to its hand luggage rules after an initial change in March.

Here is what you need to know about the Ryanair hand luggage changes to prevent you adding yet another bill to pay if you are travelling over the festive season.

What are the new Ryanair hand luggage changes?

Non-priority customers

  • Non-priority customers will only be able bring one free small carry-on bag. There will be no free gate bags.
  • If you bring a second bigger wheelie bag (10kg)  it’s going to cost you £8, and must be checked in at the airport bag drop desk.

Priority customers and 2 cabin bags

  • If you have purchased Priority & 2 Cabin Bags, Flexi Plus, Plus or Family Plus you will be permitted to bring both of your cabin bags on board.
  • Small bag dimensions (e.g. laptop, handbag, small rucksack etc.) must not exceed 35x20x20cm and should easily fit under the seat in front of you. Don’t forget, if it’s got wheels it’s a case – no arguing!
  • Your second 10kg bag must be 55x40x20cm in size and must fit into the sizers at the gate.
  • Attempting to bend the rules will result in a charge of £50 per item at the departure gate and will lead to you holding everybody else up!

Have a great, charge free holiday!

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