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Energy Firms Maths Error Means You Could Have Been Overcharged

Energy firms just don’t seem to be able to get their shizzle together do they? This time, a simple mathematics mistake has lead to thousands of customers paying up to three times more for their gas. Here is what has happened and who has been affected. What went so wrong? Mixing up measurements from older imperial meters with modern metric ones. No,…

Open banking

Why Open Banking Changes Things Forever

Open banking has given me much to be happy about this week. The banks, quite frankly, got spanked. Years of none existent competition, resulting in shitty rates for consumers, are finally coming to the end. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has concluded its £5m investigation and is already warming up its foot ready to kick the Britain’s biggest banks arses….


5 Things That Require Zero Talent

Talent, it’s something we all hope we discover in ourselves one way or another. Some we are aware of from a very young age, whilst others take time to develop or even lay hidden until we’re much older and have more free time to develop them. However, there are so many things  you can do to aid your personal development…

PPI Claim

Last Orders For Your PPI Claim

This time it really is last orders for your PPI claim. I was harping on about this at the turn of the year and this time a date is due to be set. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) want the whole PPI scandal wrapping up and a June 2019 deadline has been proposed. The financial regulator wants the deadline set…


Save Money At A Sip And Swap

Stop buying, just swap! If there is one thing I have learned from my girlfriends it’s you ladies love your clothes. I have lost count of the times I have sat waiting for one of them to get ready whilst they frantically tear through a department stores worth of clothes claiming they have nothing to wear. Now I am not…

Home ownership

Why Home Ownership Falling Is No Surprise To Me

Home ownership falling is major news at the moment. But, it comes as no surprise to me whatsoever. Living in Manchester most of my life I have seen houses that were once sold for £25,000 – £30,000, now going for £250,000 – £300,000 plus. Manchester has seen the sharpest fall of home ownership of any of the major cities, and I…

How to build wealth

6 Money Habits To Build Wealth

Financial success and wealth isn’t achieved overnight. It takes a firm plan and a commitment to execute it to the letter. Intelligence, charm and talent  are all fine and dandy, but more often than not these aren’t what separate the wealthiest from the poor among us. The differences lie in our daily habits and rituals. These subconscious, second nature activities…


How To Avoid Being Hit By The New UK ATM Scam

ATM fraud at UK cash machines increased by 20% in 2015 to £32.7m – a massive increase. Although, prior to chip and PIN in 2004 the level of fraud at the ATM was £74.6m, so huge strides have been made. But with scammers, where there’s a will, there’s a way and they are back with yet another scam to con…

credit report

How Your Relationship Can Affect Your Credit Report

The last thing you want as an adult is something to mess up your credit report, but when you have met that someone special, joint credit agreements in the future are a very real possibility. From mortgages, joint bank accounts and loans, the moment you make a joint application a link is automatically created on your credit report. Once linked…

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